It is group weekly report, My part is progress report 4-6

Progress report 4 is step 9 and step 10. Progress report 5 is step 11 and step 12. progress 6 is step 13 and step 14.

You see in step 7 I made a small drawing of the app

Idea is an app to help Asian international students communicate and understand the culture of where they are studying

If you look at step 7 under the picture I have put a short description on what each button on the app will do

you see the picture of the iphone for step 7?

Our “big problem” that we will solve is: International students have a hard time communicating, making friends, and understanding the culture of where they are studying

We are making an app to try and fix this

It is our job to decide what to put in this app to help people with this problem

Our weekly progress reports are story of how we are solving the big problem