The video for this discussion is available at the link in the title. Otherwise, go to YouTube channel slemayable to view the “Imaginary Things” video. It discusses Nations, Borders, Money, and Governments–all social constructs, things that we act on, but that have no physical existence. Please post comments regarding your own countries and these issues. They will become important in the latter part of the course and will be part of the final exam. All comments receive extra credit.

My country is Denmark

Imaginary Things in International Business…

This is an example about Japan:

It is interesting that money, borders, governments can have an impact on a nation in order to sustain its existence. Chile gained its independence from Spain in 1818 by war. Japan became independent in 1947 and they were inspired by the United States of America declaration of Independence. Peru gain independence from Spain in 1821. The stability of a government can effects a country’s inflation rates. Inflation rate rises as the stability and effectiveness of the government falls. This rise in inflation can decrease the value of a country’s currency.

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