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Film Analysis # 3, “Slavery and the Making of America—Episode 1: The Downward Spiral”

This episode of the series “Slavery and the Making of America” covers the origins of American slavery from 1619 – 1739.

  • How did the early slaves and creoles negotiate or “make the system work for them,” as the narrator says, in the 1600s? How did religion, the courts, the needs for labor, and relations with Native Americans play a role in this?
  • Based upon the situations described in this documentary, provide a few examples of the ways rights of both slaves and free blacks declined during the late-1600s and the 1700s. What does the documentary say were the reasons why?
  • What forms of knowledge about land and growing food did slaves bring with them to the Carolinas?

Be sure to provide specific examples and details from the video to support your answer