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Health Topic.The problem and significance: Identify and describe the disease (COPD) prevention problem from Healthy People 2020 Objectives. MOST VALUABLE/POINTS

Target Population and Setting: Describe the target population and setting.

Application to Advanced Practice Role: Describe the role an advanced practice could plan in planning and implementing an intervention to address the problem.

Theoretical Framework: Provide and summarize an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical or conceptual framework and identify how this theory applies to advanced nursing practice and health-related problem.

Review of literature: Provide a review of literature related to interventions that address the problem(at least 5 articles, published within the last 5 years)

Intervention: Develop an evidenced based intervention to address the problem in the selected population/setting. MOST VALUABLES/POINTS

Outcomes: Define the expected outcomes,goals for the intervention and metric to measure success or failure.

Evaluation plan: Description of the evaluation plan to measure efficacy of the proposed intervention.