HCS 483 Week 5

NO plagiarism

Read Ch. 11 of Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective & Answer question 1 &2 between 90-100 words

1.)Write your thoughts on Ch. 11 of Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective

2.)review the URL/Link below. This a TED talk about health care. TED talks are presentations, sponsored by different companies, focusing on different technology topics.

The recording is a few years old, but the ideas are still relevant today.

Discuss your thoughts.

Answer question 3 between 90-100 words

3.) one interesting for IT development is the use of Blockchain. Blockchain is the technology that Bitcoin uses to provide security and privacy. There is research to use this technology for Medical Records. I have attached a link explaining the use of Blockchain.

Read Ch. 12 of Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology. Answer question 4 between 90-100 words

4.)Do you think technology is over-hyped? Does this make the Hype Cycle longer and harder to overcome?