For your class Term Paper, choose a public health topic or public health profession that most interests you. Research your topic and show how your topic or profession chosen is integrated and/or has a positive effect on populations and community health. Example topics would be, Environmental: Recycling Waste, or Chronic Disease: Risk Factors and Prevention, or Biostatisticians’ Effect on Positive Social Change…or any other that relates to this class.

For the specific requirements and additional information regarding this assignment, read the Term Paper Guidelines and Scoring Rubric located in the Start Here folder.

The completed Term Paper will be due to Chalk and Wire no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.The Chalk and Wire link is located in the Module 7 folder. Instructions on how to submit this assignment are located in the Start Here folder. (Chalk and Wire is linked to Turnitin.)

[10 – 15 pages, not including Abstract, Table of Content, Cover page, and reference page]