The following topics regarding each case must be addressed at some point during the presentation:

The background information.

Events leading up to the incident/behavior in question; in other words, set it up for the audience; use photos as well as text

Who brought the case initially, why, and in which court?

The initial decision and the reasoning behind it; which prior cases were used as guidance (precedents)

The progression of the case and in which courts, giving the decision(s) and the reasoning behind them as it traveled through the justice system

An educated opinion from the members of the group: How many agree with the final decision and how many disagree—and why? What are the implications of this decision?

The final slide should be a bibliography of your references. Wikipedia will not count as a reference.

If you’re presenting a Supreme Court case, tellus who was on that court and what the liberal-conservative make-up was. Do you think thejustices’ political views affected the decision? What interesting quotes came out of the text of the decision.

There’s no limit words but as detailed as possible.