Situation: your school has offered 10 lucky students a chance to earn $20,000 for a meaningful summer experience that advances the cause of science, technology, engineering, or computer science. Come up with an idea. Write a proposal for you to win the grant. Your total budget should be about $30,000.

Proposal Sections:

Summary/abstract – brief description of what the project does (one paragraph)


Need for the project – examples or reasons for why it is needed

Project Description – detailed description

Plan of Work – how you plan to go about it

Intended Impact – who or what it will help, what problem it will solve….


Budget – in a detailed chart or Excel sheet

Timeline of intended activities – chart of what will be done each day or week or month of the project.

In an Appendix, include a reference to an actual site you used in the field of work to be studied and a short summary of any research you completed for this project.

In addition to the stipend, you should propose realistic expenses for equipment, maintenance, and salaries.