Geithner & Bernanke Amid the Global Financial Crisis

Using the University of Virginia (UVA) Case Study, Geithner & Bernanke, Amid the Global Financial Crisis, answer the following questions by creating and submitting a Word document. Your answers should be a maximum of 1 page per question (and very possibly less).

1. From the breadth and depth of the economic downturn, it was clear that no one single policy action would address the problem. Briefly discuss how the various actions taken by the Treasury and the Fed served to work together or possibly against one another to address the problems.

2. How did the backgrounds of both Geithner and Bernanke serve to assist or hinder them in understanding and acting to solve the problems?

3. “The biggest problem we now face is how the Treasury and Fed can withdraw from the heavy level of financial support that they’ve provided without plunging the economy back into a recession.” Please comment on this proposition.

Please search this case online.