Answer those questions:

  • Do you think spectator sports should have First Amendment protection?
  • Has a sport, team, or athlete ever conveyed a message to you? How?
  • What does your favorite sport, team, or athlete symbolize to you? Do you just pick winners or are there more reasons for your decisions?
  • What are some ways to increase the home atmosphere without discrimination?
  • Do visiting fans deserve the same First Amendment rights as the home fans?
  • Should athletes comply with university policy or should athletes try to fight for their First Amendment right?
  • Do you feel that social media is a distraction for college and professional athletes?
  • Do you feel that athletes use social media more for expression or communication purposes?
  • Do you think the NCAA, Universities, or professional organizations should be allowed to impose on athlete’s freedom of speech?
  • Do you think it is wrong for coaches to keep freshman from talking to the media?
  • What are your thoughts on UDiligence? (Company that flags certain words and alerts athletic department)