A sustainable global economy starts with individual acts of conscience and responsible corporate citizenship. But taking on the climate and social issues that continue to affect people all over the world requires more. To drive fundamental change, individual action must evolve into institutional transformation – where Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) becomes not simply a moral imperative, but a business imperative as well. The ESG components are

-Environment: Does the company have a positive or negative impact on resources?

-Social: How does the company treat its employees, customers, and community?

-Governance: Is the company’s leadership structured to facilitate accountability and independence.


You are required a literature review on the Concern for ESG and its impact on firm performance.

Harvard reference should be followed. Only use published Articles, don’t use books or internet.

See attached document for more details.

You have to use the same style of iterature review in the attached Article part “2.Prior literature”