With the continually increasing population of the world, the ability to provide ample food for the population is getting pushed to its limits in places. Creating any way to grow food in urban areas, where large fields are simply not available, could be beneficial to the society as a whole. In the developed/developing areas of the world both parents often work making growing their own food cumbersome. If a method of growing food in or near the residence can be developed with an automated care system, a larger portion of families could cultivate at least a portion of the food they eat reducing the stress on the commercial food suppliers.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE The task for this project option is build and test a self-sustaining, continuous flow hydroponic system for indoor/outdoor use on the property that is owned/rented by a family. Background research should include the impact of various parameters on the performance of the hydroponic system as well as projecting how much food could be generated from the device with at least 4 resources