English Critical Thinking

Creative Research Proposal:

  1. At the start of your proposal, explain what your final Creative Research topic is (you can’t change the topic. You should choose something you are really interested in so that you can develop your research over the time period needed). Then write one (or possibly two or three) Critical Questions on your chosen topic.
  2. Write a paragraph explaining what draws you to the topic. What makes you curious? What do you love about this topic? What might you expect to find out? What do you know about your topic? What would you like to know? As you plan your project, consider how your questions will require you to participate in critical thinking–analysis, synthesis, evaluation.
  3. Report on what you have read so far, both traditional and online. You can include reading that you’ve done in the past.
  4. Report on what you plan to do–who you might interview, what you might observe, what you might do for participation, what you might create.
  5. Tip: Start making a works cited right now and develop a system to keep track of which source you found what information from.
  6. Questions or concerns? Include these in your proposal.