Pay, hours, and working conditions are elements that can be investigated using fact-based evidence.

4 citations with links provided

Rhetorical Knowledge:

  • Text demonstrates awareness of audience, purpose, and context.
  • Text assumes an appropriate stance.
  • Text adopts an appropriate voice, tone, style, and level of formality.

Development and Critical Thinking:

  • Text has a clear purpose that meets assignment guidelines.
  • Text expands on and supports a compelling idea through relevant and thorough exploration of topic using the form provided and following instructions for development of ideas in each section.
  • Writer uses various critical thinking strategies to choose and annotate sources.

Word count MIN- 75 for intro, minimum 275 per source (4 sources) 75 for conclusion.

For your annotated bibliography, the introductory paragraph will explain your question and thesis, and then each source (2 from CSCC library database and 2 from the Internet) will be summarized and evaluated separately using the annotated bibliography form found below. Your conclusion will briefly reflect on the sources and your process.

library database link

the form also needs to be completed with essay.