Requirements (Please Read Carefully):

1. Complete “Support Worksheet” and “Warrant Worksheet”

2.Edit the essay you wrote last week. Check everything in final editing sheet and make sure you won’t miss anything in the final version. ( You didn’t reference anything from the handout in the rough version, please make sure you will add at least two or three quotes from the handout, “Are limits on freedom of speech”.

3. Write a “Note to Jeannie” that describes your process for writing the essay: What worked well for you? What didn’t work so well? What would you do differently if you could? Please mention some specifics about your essay–your introduction, for example, or a sentence you liked in one of your paragraphs, or something you think is still choppy or messy from your conclusion and why (one paragraph double-spaced).

4. Double check everything on the final editing sheet! (You don’t need to write anything on it, but put a check after each items)