Rogerian Argument

General Description

For this assignment, you will construct an argument using the Rogerian method. A Rogerian argument requires you to (1) find common ground between you and your opposition; (2) restate the opposition’s idea; and (3) identify the parts of the opposing solution that you could incorporate into your own.

Remember that an argument is more than your opinion. It’s an informed position that is expressed in a thesis statement and supported by evidence acquired from outside research.


I choose a topic Ketogenic diet or aka keto diet.

  • Does Ketogenic Diet benefit people? -My thesis you can edit – Despite the recent promotion, the ketogenic diet is not a healthy diet to consume. I need three scholarly article for this essay.

I want you to write an introduction and three page essay. Please use some of the source from to find scholarly articles my professor needs at least three scholarly article. Also, she will check and run the school system for plagiarism and take plagiarism serious. Put the work sites and I will double check if the information is there.