topics related to food, agricultureand/or energy systems. The team will do research to explore this topic in depth and ultimatelydevelop 10 slides presentation to share the information learned about thetopic. it should be related to waste food with this process:

What is your biggest PERSONAL food waste struggle? (ie, what would you PERSONALLYlike to improve upon in your own experience with food waste?)´ Describe the situation in detail.´ Why do you think you struggle with this?Attempting to dig for stories, feelings, emotion related to the challenge identied´ Ask WHY often..´ Digging for what is important to your partner´ For example, if waste challenge has to do with purchasing too much at grocery store, digging in On possibilities for change/innovation

´ Goals & Wishies:´ USING VERBS – describe what it is your partner is trying to achieve´ Insights´ in terms of their feeling andmotivations. Is there something you see that maybe they may not see/realize?