Using Handout 8.2 Community Partners in Sanders (2006, p. 92) to identify community partners, each member in a team will respond to the following statements for their own school district

  1. List up to three current or potential community partners within a maximum five-mile radius of your school district.
  2. List three current or potential partners who match at least six out of the twelve types of Community Partners from Handout 8.2 Community Partners (Sanders, 2006, p. 92).
  3. The three potential community partners on the two lists can be the same or different persons.
  4. Discuss each list of your rationales for your selections and offer insight regarding your individual selections.

Note that only one candidate within the same team posts the team’s completed listing in the discussion board for peer review. Insert your partner’s and your names in the subject line of your initial post.

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Sanders, M. G. (2006). Building school-community partnerships: Collaboration for student success. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.