To write an original economic argument, consistent with the body of knowledge of economic principles.


Write a roughly 1250 word paper (1100-1400 words) that presents an economic story and uses an economic model that estimates some future outcomes to argues your solution to one of the Type 3 questions presented in class. Choose one of those three questions and develop

Type 1: question that has one reasonable answer and we can find it

Type 2: question that has no one correct answer and purely a matter of personal preference

Type 3: Many ways to approach the question, needs data and ideas from many systems. Can be considered from many points of view.The answer reveals weak or strong thinkingthe strongest answer is the most well reasoned

  • Select/define the question
  • A thesis (your solution)
  • Support for that thesis through a story narrative that consists of one or more of the following
    • An historical example or pattern of similar events with their outcomes
    • A discussion through the eight elements of thought
  • Support for that thesis through use of an economic model