All submissions must be in APA format and include reference materials to support your thinking.

Project imaginary plan

I want you to answer questions one by one 

  • Data Collection
    • What data will you collect or create?
    • How will the data be collected or created?
  • Documentation and Metadata
    • What documentation and metadata will accompany the data?
  • Ethics and Legal Compliance
    • How will you manage any ethical issues?
    • How will you manage copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (IP/IPR) issues?
  • Storage and Backup
    • How will the data be stored and backed up during the research?
    • How will you manage access and security?
  • Selection and Preservation
    • Which data are of long-term value and should be retained, shared, and/or preserved?
    • What is the long-term preservation plan for the dataset?
  • Data Sharing
    • How will you share the data?
    • Are any restrictions on data sharing required?
  • Responsibilities and Resources
    • Who will be responsible for data management?
    • What resources will you require to deliver your plan?