Question 1.

The Data Model graphic attached below for customers and loans, copy and paste that data model graphic into paper using MS Word. (You can copy the data model graphic by right-clicking on it. On PCs, the keyboard combination of ctrl-V is the shortcut command for pasting.) In the MS Word document, list the following:

  1. all the entities
  2. all the attributes for each entity
  3. all the relationships between entities
  4. one or more business rules about the data. (For instance, although a child has two parents, data for only one parent may be stored in the database.)



  • Video: Module 2 – Data Models (2:05 min.)
  • Video: Module 2 – Data Model Building Blocks (3:30 min.)
  • Video: Module 2 – Business Rules (4:08 min.)

Question 2 (Answer on a separate paper)

Find a case study on data mining. Identify the following information:

1. Describe the data mining case and the data mining technique used.

2. Explain whether current or historical data is being used for the data mining.

3. Describe the outcomes the data mining identified, including any advantages or disadvantages of the technique used.

4. Include a web link (URL) for the data mining example that you found.