Hit all these points using the country Cuba

  1. Identify any trade barriers that may exist in your country of study, i.e., restrictions on imports/exports.
    • Tax (Ad Valorem, VAT)
    • Wage controls
    • Price controls
    • Tariffs
    • Quotas
    • Product Liability
  2. Attitude toward labor unions – Are labor unionsstrong in your country of study? Do workers abide by labor agreements,and what can the employer do if they do not? Are strikes common (wildcator advanced warning)?
  3. Identify any typical government restrictions against foreign MNCs, e.g., Hit List, Keiretsu, Industrial Targeting.
  4. Are there any counterfeit products that may impact competition?
  5. Identify any strong industries (steel, computers, etc.)that will present challenges to other MNCs that desire to locate orcompete in your country of study.
  6. Identify a typical distribution network (as a way of doing business in your country of study), i.e., layers of wholesalers, distributors, or agencies as they affect imports/exports.
  7. Are there any other restrictions impacting competition or marketing, i.e., antitrust laws, currency exchange controls, or contract enforcements?
  8. Implications for international business – Based uponyour research, summarize barriers and opportunities for locatingbusiness opportunities. Of what factors should MNC managers be aware?