please read the book ” Critical Debates in Tourism” and find the answer of those questions:

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Chapter 1, page 49

(2) Is the idea of sustainability fundamentally compatible with the continued growth of the tourism sector?

(3) (a) Why do so few tourism-related businesses participate in environmental and social certification schemes? (b) Should they be forced to do so?

Chapter 2, page 74

(2) Has tourism become a defining element of contemporary consumer society?

(5) Tourism: luxury, necessity or habit?

Chapter 3, page 95

(3) In what ways are there cultural differences in how tourists approach beauty and sustainability?

(4) What problems have arisen as a result of small-scale tourism?

Chapter 4, page 119

(1) What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of the localism implicit in the community participation agenda?

(2) In what sense could community participation be seen as intrinsic to the tourism product itself?

Chapter 5, page 145

(2) In what ways has consumer pressure led to more socially and environmentally-responsible initiatives by the tourism industry?

(8) Is it more difficult to get large-scale businesses (e.g. hotels and resorts) or small-scale businesses (e.g. homestay accommodation) to make changes in a pro-poor direction?