This week you will submit your final project.

You are looking for additional funding for your cookie company and will prepare a presentation for investors. In a clear, professional and concise manner prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation to introduce your company to a group of investors.
Your presentation should cover at a minimum the following:

  1. Your company name, vision, mission, goals, and strategies
  2. A balanced scorecard
  • Review the mission statement and strategies you developed and submitted for the Module 02 Course Project Assignment.
  • Fit the strategy points into the 4 perspectives of the balanced scorecard (you may need to create more strategies or fine tune your Module 02 strategies).
  • Develop performance measures for each strategy point.
  • State which department(s) would be responsible for each performance measure.
  • Comment on how the departments must work together as a team to execute the balanced scorecard and how diversity among team members would enhance the outcomes.
  1. Cost information including contribution margin and break-even

When preparing your presentation, be mindful of the information in which an investor might be interested. Please include talking points on slide notes where appropriate.

Include in-text citations and a reference page where necessary.