What is a current controversial issue related to media that you are curious or passionate about? Here is your chance to research a controversy, accurately explain the various perspectives (at least 2 sides), and articulate your current stance on the issue.

Suggested topics from which to choose:

  • video game regulations
  • film ratings systems
  • tv ratings systems
  • internet censorship/controls
  • companies tracking buying habits & targeting consumers
  • limits/regulations of advertising to children
  • Wikileaks

Questions to answer:

Why did you select this topic? Please identify a specific concept/theory we covered in class (either from our Hanson textbook OR additional assigned reading) that prompted your interest in learning about this controversy.

What are the various perspectives involved in this controversial issue?

How does this issue directly (or indirectly) impact you?

After researching this issue, where do you stand? Why?

Include at least 3 credible, quality outside source citations as part of your assignment (using APA citation style).