CASIMIR – Hopefully this one easy and fun to complete – doing a manifesto.

The first attachment is the sample which has 10 statements. Please get ours to 10-12.

Here are 8 possible topics if you want to use them as a starter then whatever else you came come up with.

  • I will continue to exercise self-reflectiveness.
  • I will continue to be aware of the sensitivities of individuals and group when in a communication medium.
  • I will continue to foster a respect for diversity.
  • I will remain steadfast on routinely meditating to ensure a harmonic balance within myself.
  • I will continue to strive to be ethical and responsible in my actions and communication.
  • I will continue to employ active listening and alertness for nonverbals within my daily communications.
  • I will continue to genuinely display empathy towards.
  • I will continue to maintain exercise the practices of remaining resilient.

Thanks again!