Perform a detailed research and complete the first part of your initial project report

? What is computer forensics and a brief history

? Computer forensics as an industry today

? What are the technical tools of computer forensics

? What are the important laws, rules and work procedures for computer forensics

• Come up with a “TASK”

? Brainstorm with your member for a simulated computer forensics task

? Create your scenario(incident) on which you conduct a computer forensic investigation

? Imagine expected challenges and approaches (potential solutions) to solve the challenges

? Make a step by step investigation plan, including the role of each member in the job (Project Schedule and R&R)

• Submit an initial report (min 5 pages). On you initial report, you should include

? Detailed research of computer forensic (max 2 pages)

? Introduction of your incident (describing background)

? A brief idea about your potential solution

? Project Schedule, Project Resource Planning and References