Your final project (which you will present in a poster-style gallery walk) documents your process and serves as a learning resource for your peers. It should address the following:

1) Your “Poster” form is flexible but must include the following:

a) An Executive Summary or Abstract: a succinct description of what you did, what domain(s) you covered, & what course concepts were put to work in your process (this can be a list of relevant concepts)

b) Evidence: artifacts of your attempts and experiences and course material that supports or challenges your argument (note: seek disconfirming evidence as well – don’t just gloss over the stuff that doesn’t fit your story! Make sense of the evidence that fits and the evidence that doesn’t)

c) Thematic Showcase: how did you make sense of your experiences and adjust? What was initially invisible that became visible? How did that occur?

d) Revision Plan: Given more time, what would you do next? Link these plans to your varied forms of evidence.