Talk about how it all started, when, why did people start using it, How many countries or states use it, and how many times we (United States)have used the death penalty. Talk about euthanasia and talk about the doctor Jack Kevorkian and how he was operation on his own and was giving people non painful deaths.

Within your speech, you must use examples and facts.2. You must use at least 1 expert quotation and at least 1 statistic must be introduced with a verbal footnote.

You must cite 4 of your references in the speech. You can do this by saying: “According to Fisher, ‘1 out of 3 people who…”.

I have an outline done already, which you could use some information from especially about the history of the death penalty and the doctor that was involved with euthanasia.

I also have examples of how the prenatations should look like, I will send you the links.