For the following assignment, students must analyze the documents and answer the questions based on evidence in the primary sources. Students may also wish to go back to previous sections to read the Secondary sources. Students must cite at least one document in each response. You must answer all 4 questions. Each response must be no less than 300 words.

  1. Please explain the motivation for the Age of Exploration in the 1400 and 1500. Discuss Christopher Columbus ‘ motivation and the plans sent to the Jamestown Farmer.
  2. For which reasons did Martin Luther and other reformers contest the power and authority of the Catholic Church? How did his “reformation” impact the politics of Europe? Be sure to quote the document “Luther to the German Princes” and the Complete 95 Theses . What levels of authority is being tested?

3.What impact did the European trade in the Indian Ocean trade have after 1490? Use the document called “Documents,…

4. Immanuel Kant’s famous work, “On Enlightenment

“, discusses the important aspects of the Enlightenment period. What major institutions is he witting against? What is he encouraging people to do?…