As a network administrator of a  Windows 2016 infrastructure, you will be called upon to use some of the  Server 2016 features that enhance performance and security for the  network.  Your network contains many peripheral devices, about 10  computers running Windows 8.1/10 and a server with Windows 2016 Server.

1. Based on your reading and labs that you may have started this  week, what do you think would be a good domain model to fit your  organization and why? 

2. Do you think it might change if you had more or fewer PCs running Windows 8/10? 

Flesh out your thoughts and interact with your classmates.  Post your initial response by Wednesday each week  and then return on a couple of other days to see what’s going on with  the discussions.  The more you interact, the more you learn from your  peers, and the more you share with them about what you know.  You’ll  also be showing your instructor what you’ve picked up.