Chronic kidney disease is a gradual loss of kidney function. In thisassignment, you will explore this disease in more detail using thescenario below.

You are a healthcare provider who is preparing to meet with a patientwho has recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. You aretasked with explaining this disease and its treatment options to yourpatient.

To complete this assignment, do the following:

  1. Research this disease using a minimum of 2 source(s). You canuse your textbook for one of the sources. Choose the remaining sourcesfrom the GALE Virtual Reference Library provided on the Structure and Function of the Human Body library guide page.
  2. In a minimum of 2 pages (not counting the references page), address the following:
    • Explain how chronic kidney disease develops and the potential causes.
    • Describe the treatment options that exist.
  3. Include a references page at the end of your document, formatted using the APA guidelines, that lists your research sources.