Review the case and provide an analysis of the case using the following case questions prompts for guidance. Your paper should be no less than 5 or 6 pages not including cover page and reference page. Your work should be formatted in the APA style and you must provide at least 5 references to support your work. Make sure that you use headings in your paper. Also, work will be reviewed for plagiarism. Make sure that all necessary content is cited properly.

A good response is: Answer; why have you answered in this manner; support your response with a reference.

To answer the questions, you may need to analyze the company, industry and external market issues or any other information. Identify issues, explain why it is an issue, explain your response, why did you respond as you did, and support your response with an external reference.

This is an unprompted case, the issues are for your to discover. In doing so, consider positioning, resource allocation, branding, restaurant design, advertising, PR, social media, business results and zero-based budgeting.