Need help in writing a case study 14.1 at the end of Project management achieving competitive advantages 4th edition by Jeffery K Pinto chapter 14 . The case study needs to be completed and at the end of case study consist of 3 questions and all the 3 questions shall be answered. The case study shall be in APA format with a minimum of 4 references needs to be provided. The case study is displayed in page number 497 of the test book with name New Jersey Kills Hudson River Tunnel Project.

Questions at the end of case study:

1. How would you respond to the argument that itis impossible to judge how successful a projectlike this one would have been unless you actually do it?

2. Take a position, either pro or con, on Christie’sdecision to kill the ARC. Develop arguments tosupport your point of view.

3. In your opinion, how clearly must a large infrastructure project like ARC have determined itsneed, costs, and so forth before being approved?If the criteria are too stringent, what is the implication for future projects of this type? Would anyever be built?