Ethical Research

There are federal ethic codes that prevent us from completing human subject research in this course. However, there are other types of ethical issues we need to keep in mind as we work on our first draft. Ethical principles in research are: honesty, objectivity, integrity, carefulness, openness, respect of intellectual property, confidentiality, social responsibility, non-discrimination, competence, and legality.

This week we will discuss the ethical aspects of the research process.

  • What moral principles guide your research?
  • How have you maintained an objective point of view in the research process?
  • What responsibility do you have toward your research topic?
  • What ethical issues might come into play in deciding what research findings you present?
  • How have you been affected by conducting this research?
  • Will your research directly benefit society? How?

In your follow up posts, respond to a minimum of two other students and provide constructive feedback on their topics. Have you had a similar experience to your classmate? What helped you overcome any obstacles?

Do you have any additional recommendations for your classmate’s research activities?

View your discussion rubric.