Topic: Should smoking be banned?

You can write that should be banned or should not be banned, but only a point of view can be stated in this article. There can be no two perspectives.

Thesis statement: You must have three ideas to support your point of view.

The article consists of five paragraphs.

The first paragraph is to write an introduction (content includes hook, background, Thesis statement)

Write your first supporting idea in the second paragraph. (Content includes your topic sentence, explanation or something support your ideas)

The second paragraph writes the second supporting idea (same with fist paragraph)

The third paragraph writes the last supporting idea (same with fist paragraph)

Review your main points and your thesis statement

To help you better understand, I will provide you with an outline photo as a reference for the article format, and I also have an article rating standard, I hope this can help.

This article needs to use some references.

This article requires the use of APA format