if you are familiar with this book, it will be great.

also I will provide you with pdf copy of this book, and a summary of it.

I need 5 body paragraphs. introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

choose at least three quotes only from chapter 1 of the book (any page). use quote in each body paragraph and explain what coates is trying to tell us or explain to us or what he meant in that quotes? Then Make an argument regarding rhetoric(logos, pathos, or Ethos). What rhetorical appeals does he make? how he is trying to convince his audience.

I would like one of the quote to be in page 5-6-7 or 8 if possible. even if you choose more than one quote in those pages is fine.

if you follow MLA format for this essay for the quotation, it will be great.

this is the book.

this is a summary…