Romulus is credited with the foundation of Rome in 753 B.C. At the creation Rome was considered a sanctuary city. The city received this distinction because of its welcoming appeal to those who were escaping punishment in their home cities. We know the history of how Rome grew to the greatest empire the world has ever known. What is your view of sanctuary cities in the Unites States? How do you see them developing?

Rome devised a system of rule that would not be governed by a King, and called it the Republic. This system was composed of a mixed government of Monarchic, Democratic, and Oligarchic. The Monarchic is consuls (President), the Democratic is the place where Roman citizens voted on policies and elected people. The Oligarchic function was the senate, and these people stayed in power for life. How does this form of government mirror ours and what are the advantages and disadvantages to this type of system?