-I need you to write two essays regarding the following questions, each essay is 2-3 pages double space.

-The two questions are:

1)Do the benefits of migration outweigh the costs of migration for women? In other words, do women have more to gain or more to lose from migration (for instance, compared to men)? You can think about this issue in terms of the causes of migration, the relative difficulty/ease of migrating for women, the occupational and economic status of women migrants in the host society, or the impact of migration on women’s gender and social status within the family/household?

2)Describe the differences and similarities between assimilation, ethnic pluralism, and transnationalism for immigrants. Which do you think is the best way for immigrants to adapt to the host society and why?

– I have uploaded the lectures materials in order to include some information from them.

– you can use but reliable sources form the internet.

– No plagiarism!!!