You may write an essay or create a PowerPoint for this assignment. You must use paragraphs, full sentences, and good grammar. You must also use APA citations each time you take a fact from a source.


  • Step 1: Select which global region you would like to analyze.
    • Choose a region to analyze from the following adaptive courseware modules:
      • The Americas
      • Early European Colonial Expansion
      • Gunpowder Empires
  • Step 2: Using factual evidence, describe how societies in that region developed and displayed features of complex civilizations.
    • Identify and explain at least 4 features of a complex civilization.
    • You may need to do research outside of the adaptive courseware. Provide APA citations for all resources.
  • Step 3: Discuss the culture of the region.
    • What are the visual components of culture? Food, clothing, music, arts, social norms, etc.
    • What are the core values of the culture? Religion, family values, history, educational systems, ect.

These resources may be helpful for completing the assignment: