Your essay must include:

1) An introductory paragraph that:

a) Introduces the overall topic, and explains why it is important

b) States a clear, narrow, debatable thesis about that topic

c) Briefly notes sources, explaining how each relates to the thesis

2) Well-organized body paragraphs that include:

a) A full description of your topic, including examples wherever possible

b) An informative discussion of your peer-reviewed scholarly sources, that connects each to your thesis

c) (Optional) descriptions of your own experiences with food and eating in the US; spend no more than

half a page on this

3) A conclusion paragraph that summarizes your argument, and explains why it is interesting and relevant to

educated audiences

Format Requirements

Your essay must:

1) Be double-spaced, with one-inch margins (2.54 cm), and a 12-point serif font like Times New Roman

2) Include an MLA header and page numbers, and an informative title

3) Include an MLA Works Cited page

4) Include parenthetical citations for quotations and paraphrases of other writers