Literary theme analysis on this poem below.


  1. Introduction

A. Title of story, author(s) name(s)

B. Setting of story, basic situation of character

  1. Aspects of the story that give the story meaning; here make explicit the elements of fiction (characters, symbols, setting and plot) that are unified to reveal the theme.
  2. Your claim/thesis. This statement will answer the question “What is the theme of this story?”
  1. Body

A. Point-by-point discussion of the subject. Remember that each paragraph has a topic sentence that forecasts the contents of that paragraph. Additionally, each topic sentence is logically related to the thesis/claim statement.

B. Direct quotations and passages from the story will support both the topic sentences and the thesis/claim.

  1. Conclusion

A. A summation of the effectiveness of the techniques the author uses.

B. A statement about how the elements of fiction help to unify the story and give it meaning.

DO NOT PROVIDE JUST A SUMMARY OF THE PLOT. YOU MAY ASSUME YOUR READERS HAVE ALREADY READ THE STORY. You will, of course, need to cite evidence from the story, but this material will support a particular point you are making about the theme. You probably won’t at any point retell the story in the order you read it.