The students will assume the role of a physical educator, athletic director, or coach for a selected program of your choice. The students must include actual figures according to his/her research from specific catalogues. When reporting the prices associated with the equipment, please put the information in the budget pertaining to where you found the item for the price you listed. For example, I found Srixon Golf Balls (12) for $29.99 at:…

The budget will be created in Microsoft Excel and e-mailed to me.

Be sure to include cost for a grassroots program. Do not assume anything but a blank facility is at your disposal.

For example: I am the Coordinator of the Kentucky Derby and all I have is the facility and horses. My job is to plan a budget for all the additional expenses for a successful event. HINT: Please do your research on the actual event.

Event Examples:

Coordinator of an AAU basketball tournament

Physical Education teacher at a brand-new high school

Director of planning a 3-3 basketball tournament

Golf Classic Coordinator – The Masters