Simulation Exercise.

The company “Smart Insight” approaches youbecause they would like you to write a 1,000 word blog post for them on one ofthe 5S of Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy: SAVE.

The company approaches you with the following request:

The “5S for Digital Marketing” are usuallyapplied to define and align the business objectives with the digital marketingstrategy of a company.

“Save” is usually used by third sectororganisations to add value to their marketing propositions: saving the worldfrom something is usually a tag line and a key message, which is thenassociated to a certain call to action (fundraising, donating etc…).

However, “Save” is also a key element of internalbusiness and marketing strategy. We would like your professional opinionon how and why “Save” can be used by companies and organisationsto maximise their profit or minimise their costs.

REMEMBER: Required length of your post: 1,000 words